Scotty's Scrub A Dub Dub Magic Show! This virtual magic show is perfect because there is no contact between me and the audience. 'No volunteer helpers on stage, no hand-to-hand contact, or kids holding props. Interactive tricks with families and organizations for their kids, members and staff. This show is perfect for schools, libraries and any companies looking for online entertainment.
Hand washing
Proper sneezing 
Don’t touch the seven holes in your head
Don’t share drinks
The five-second rule has disappeared


In this magic and puppet show, Scotty Magic and his sidekick, Billy bananas, pizza boy, Maxx mind reading rabbit and the rest of the team will invite the audience to join forces and catch bad guys, thwart evil plots, and develop their super powers! This show was specially designed for cons.

Copy of Christmas ugly sweater party inv

The silly Christmas Magic show is perfect for virtual events where there will be family & friends. I bring a colorful Christmas & Kwanza theme. I perform 40-45 minutes of fun magic that’s interactive, hilarious, and suitable for kids of any age as well as fun-loving adults. During this show, one child helps me create a 8-foot candy cane… but this comes from the weirdest place! A drawing of The Grinch comes to life! A beautiful indoor ‘Snowstorm’ will delight both young and old!


Scotty Magic has developed a fun magical show filled with audience participation that takes you on a a historical journey. Scotty’s show focuses on invention created by black inventors as well as the importance of why Black lives Matter.Scotty has painstakingly created original tricks that will focus on what things we have that make our lives better because of black inventors.This is a magic show that needs to be seen by everyone. All of this is wrapped in a wonderful presentation that is great for libraries, schools, corporate events, museums, festivals and fairs as part of history lessons. This is a family friendly show for all ages.